Noelle Elizabeth Braun
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About Noelle Elizabeth

If you did not have the opportunity to know Noelle, here is a snapshot of our princess:

Noelle Elizabeth

Noelle started each day with her simple request for hot chocolate. She enjoyed coloring, playing dress up, “cooking” in her play kitchen and going to the library. She was a puzzle lover and she surrounded herself with books. She loved to watch Disney movies with her baby dolls and she had said she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. She loved to eat black olive pizza, blueberries and Tootsie rolls. Her favorite song was ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”, which she would sing at the top of her lungs “…having the time of my life…ooh, ooh, ooh”.

Noelle had started preschool and enjoyed her Dragonfly class very much. She couldn’t wait to go on the school bus, although still two years removed. She started to make new friends and got invited to her first kid birthday party which she was never able to attend…

Noelle loved her brothers, and they loved her. Although outnumbered by them, her spirit balanced the household.

Noelle loved to tease her Daddy by wiping off his kisses every night and her most requested lullaby was “You Are So Beautiful to Me” sung by Mommy.

We miss our princess dearly!

Noelle Elizabeth

Noelle brought so much love into our lives and she continues to shine through us daily. Her photos around our house are a sweet reminder that we were blessed with an Angel for four short years. By her death she has taught us about priorities, about what is important in life. Live your best life everyday and take nothing for granted. Please help us spread her love around.

Noelle Elizabeth

Noelle Elizabeth Braun
October 4, 2000 – November 29, 2004

More about Our Family

In February, 2005 our family was blessed with a new baby, Eric Jeffrey. He was a beacon of hope in our darkest hour and continues to bring us joy in our life. Eric Braun
Eric Braun Baby Tess Elizabeth was born on New Year's Eve, 2006. She is such a wonderful miracle. We know that Noelle is smiling down on all of us.
Despite our family's tremendous loss, we remain hopeful that everyday brings continued healing and hope. Braun Family

Braun Family